Daniel Arrizza

Current status: Management + Technical

  • Technical Lead and Manager at Databricks. Currently based in Toronto
  • Systems Design Engineering Grad from the University of Waterloo

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What was your previous gig?
Was a Senior Consultant at AppDynamics (now a part of Cisco). Was fun to work with customers on their devops challenges, which usually turned out to be organizational problems (surprise!).
I heard you did a startup???
I was the Co-Founder and CEO of BuyingBud which helps non-techies figure out what electronics to buy. Didn't exactly work out, but hey! that's life.
Where have you lived?
I'm in Toronto now. Have previously lived in Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa (4 months), San Francisco (a year and a half), China (10 months), and Taipei (10 months).
Are you using the lastest Erlang/Vue.js/Node/React stack?
Pretty close. NodeJS/Express/React/GraphQL
Do you speak any languages?
I speak English (natively), Mandarin (intermediate), and do many other bad accent impressions. Working on Spanish, French, and Cantonese now.
Favourite YouTube channels?
I'm a big fan of The School of Life, Crash Course, and Wisecrack.
I hear you like dancing?
How did you hear that? My favourite is fusion and blues dancing. I would go at least twice a week when I was living in Taipei. Swing dancing is also a lot of fun.
I hear that you're trying to get strong
Yes, I'm doing powerlifting following the Starting Strength model.
How do I get in touch with you?
Send me an email at daniel.arrizza@gmail.com